Monday, March 28, 2011

Hello, My Name Is...

When I attended my first writer's conference (see previous blog post...), I picked up more than one "Hello, my name is" name tag. I unthinkingly put the extra tag in my coat pocket and didn't think about it until I found it while I was at work this morning.

I placed the tag on my desk and it made me think. Hello, my name is...what? A name, after all, is a title, a word by which we are known. So, my tag could say, "Hello, my name is husband, father, brother, son," or "Hello, my name is blogger, creator, or occasionally insecure writer." This morning when I looked at the tag and these thoughts went through my mind, the tag could have read, "Hello, my name is tired employee not yet ready for the weekend to end and the new workweek to begin."

The tag, in and of itself, means nothing, just as the labels others give us and what we give ourselves. Right now (after listening to a couple of Appendix Podcasts), I'm anxious to do more writing, but nervous just realizing how far I need to go with this writing thing...

The weather today was varied. On a morning walk I snapped a picture of the mountains. They looked beautiful. "Hello, my name is as of yet non-commercially viable photographer."

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  1. Mmm, gotta love snow still on the mountains! I wish spring would get here. I like your post. I think we all wear so many hats. It's good to know we can switch back and forth depending on the day. :)