Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pictures I Took Today

At 4 am this morning four of the six members of our family were awake. The reason for our non-sleep centered around our youngest. There are worse ways to be awakened, but a child with an icky tummy is bad enough. The youngest woke his parents, which then caused the second-youngest to wake up and not feel good. Luckily, she wasn't as "expressive" as her younger sibling.

What does this have to do with pictures? I found myself running some errands today and I took with me my camera. I also found myself helping out at home and had the camera handy as well.

My daughter did a little drawing. That's a castle with a "treehouse" castle off to the side. I guess every kid should have his own castle, regardless of his/her age...

Our cat decided to nap at my feet. I just had to snap a picture or two (or 17...). He's a good cat about which I've blogged earlier. The cat's story can be found here...

While out on an errand, I noticed Francis Peak completely covered in snow. Those man-made things atop the peak are radar towers. Many call them the golf balls. I went up there once as a scout. The views from the peak are spectacular...

This house is over a century old and my friend spent his first 20 years living in its thick rock walls. His mom sold the place to the local amusement park (doesn't every small town have an amusement park within its limits?). The state did some major road work just south of the house and I'm sure the current view of the home is something my friend has never before seen.

When I see the house I think of my childhood and good memories come rushing back. I wonder what he feels when he sees the structure. I plan on sending him the link to this post and if he responds with some thoughts, I'll pass them along (with his permission, of course...I'm nothing if not considerate).

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