Saturday, March 12, 2011

Grandma's Cookbook

When we cleaned out my mother's house a few years ago, we found a treasure trove of family memories, mostly hand-written, but some typed--a way of transferring information before the creation of computers and printers (you know, kind of like what 8-track tapes are to the music world...). We found my mom's recipes.

For Christmas a few years later we decided to scan the recipes and bind them into a cookbook for my siblings and other family members. We created Grandma's Cookbook. While I was looking around at files inside my computer, I ran into these scanned recipes so I thought I'd share a few with everyone. I know sharing recipes is a popular thing to do on blog, but to me, the faded and yellowed pieces of paper represent more than the incredible food one can create if following the detailed instructions. These papers come from my mom. She used them. She made (most of) them. They're more than just the food.

I know we should look at these--and make these dishes more. Our family diet may not allow us to enjoy all the meals... But even if we don't make the food, we still have the recipes and that's what is most important.

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