Friday, March 4, 2011

Three Of 15,558 On A Rare Day Off

As many of you know, when you work two (or three...) jobs, a day off is not only rare, but greatly appreciated. Such was my day.

Here is my youngest showing off his ninja skills. Television (The Last Airbender) and DVD's (Kung Fu Panda) taught him everything he knows.

This event my my wife, daughter and I were part of a historical evening. On the way, I spotted a dog in the back of a truck. If you remember seeing such things as an everyday occurrence, you and I may be close to the same age (either that, or you live in a part of the planet where such sights are still visible...). I love the dog's commanding pose.

The historical event was a university gymnastics meet which took place in SLC on the evening of 4 March, 2011. My daughter patiently awaits the festivities soon to begin.

The lights dimmed, those fortunate enough to arrived early turned on their small red lights and the spotlights scanned the crowd. Those in attendance stood and screamed our approval at the University of Utah Gymnastics Team took the floor. We were 15,558 strong, eclipsing the old record of 15,554 set at an earlier date. I'd like to think that it was either my wife, or my daughter, or myself that made the record possible, but had we stayed home (something my tired self contemplated several times before we left the house...), the old record would have been broken by a single fan. Oh well...perhaps next time an attendance record hangs in the balance, our little tribe will tip the scale.

As every photographer knows, sometimes a good (or even, a great) shot depends on luck. Such was the case with this photo. Since no flash photography is allowed (like it would have made a difference anyway...), I had to hold steady the point-and-shoot camera that I have for several seconds in the dim light and hope for the best. I didn't realize until after the shot was taken that I got the fireworks in mid-blast. I really like this picture.

The Utes did not prevail, but the nation's number 1 team beat Utah on their home court--not an easy task but we all stood several times while the band played "Utah Man" and collectively enjoyed the experience. It's the final meet of the year and the Utes hung in there until the very end. I'm glad I had the day off; I'm glad I decided to go to the meet; I'm glad I had another amazing day. Goodnight, all!

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