Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Taylors & IMDb

A few years ago I entered a screenwriting competition for a local film festival and I won. The prize was to have the short screenplay turned into a short film and since my script was chosen, a short film was made. It was called "Wrinkles" and it earned me my IMDb page on the famous website. I'm Scott Taylor XXXII (

A friend of mine sent out a call for actors for a project he wrote and was creating. It called for one child, a six-year old girl. I thought about taking my daughter to audition for the project. She read for the director/writer/producer/actor and got the part, even though she was 10-years old at the time.

It's a year later and the series can be seen on You Tube and Blip TV ( There's 13 episodes in all. But, with her participation, my daughter got her own IMDb page. There's only one of her, and at least 32 of people with my name. You can see my daughter's promotional video here:

A friend of mine owns and operates Knightstar Talent Management ( and has agreed to represent our little performer. I'm working to add to my IMDb page with a couple of projects I'm working on and hopefully, my daughter can add to hers so that we'll be having a daddy/daughter contest to see who can get the most projects listed on their respective lists. We'll see...

IMDb logo used w/o permission and taken from the IMDb Twitter website
Promotional photo used w/o permission and taken from "The Gap" website
Knightstar Logo used w/o permission and taken from their website

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  1. Wow! Congrats to your family! I read that wrinkles one I think, or at least part of it and it was really great!