Saturday, March 5, 2011

Perfect Casting...Chapter 2

It's been about a week, or so since I submitted my first of three Perfect Casting blog entries. It's Saturday evening and I think a good time to move on to my second choice. And by looking at the thumbnail pictures you already know who I've chosen. My second pick is Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man.

Just as I don't know the real Jack Black, I really don't know much about RDJ other than what I've read or heard about in gossip columns. There are some things generally known about the man, that he is very talented, achieved a level of success at a relatively young age, and that he has made some mistakes.

The genius of the Jon Favreau-directed film is we get to see a man with all the worldly power one man could possess. And then we see the man fall, his imprisonment almost killing him. He uses he brilliant mind to escape and create the Iron Man. The armor completely surrounds the man, not only shielding him, but guarding him as well.

Downey shows that vulnerableness perfectly in his performance, and I see those past mistakes in not only the character, but the actor. We also see his phoenix-like rising, the prodigal Hollywood son returns and delivers in a blockbuster summer film, redeeming the once troubled performer.

The film works on many levels, but as I watched it for the first time, I saw another example of perfect casting. Perhaps Mr. Downey did not connect with the character as I'm presuming he did, and if he didn't, than he's a better actor than I've given him credit here.

As always, PLEASE tell me what you think.
Am I right/wrong?
Who do you think was perfectly cast?

All photos used w/o permission from IMBd, Iron Man website:

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  1. Well, I think RDJ is pretty much perfectly cast in anything he chooses to do. He's as talented as he is flawed. :)

    I think Johnny Depp was perfectly cast as Cpt Jack Sparrow...without his bizarre half drunk loopy take on the part the movie probably would have been about as entertaining as Disney's other ride inspired movie, The Haunted Mansion.