Thursday, March 24, 2011

Two Months In...

Two months ago, I started this blog. Here's some stats...

832--Total number of visits to the blog
181--Highest number from one referring site,
17--Next highest number referred site,
6--Highest number referred URL, (my wife's blog--thanks Honey, for the support!)
38--Highest number of views for one post, Mom, also one receiving the most comments (3)
28--Most views in a single day (as best I can remember...)
55¢--Amount I've earned from my blog (so far...)
726--Pageviews from United States (most visited), followed by Hungary (26), Canada (12), The Netherlands (10), Vietnam (9) Malaysia (8), and Denmark (5) and a couple of others...

These stats beg questions of me. Out of five million Danes, 5 people visited my blog, or one person visited five times, or a combination of people/visits. Having lived in Denmark for a few years, I wonder if these Danish people (or person, singular) enjoyed the posts. I have some friends in Canada. Have they visited? I don't know.

Many might think 832 visits isn't much, and in comparison with others, I guess it isn't. But had I not decided to write a daily blog two months ago, then those 832 clicks would have clicked on something else.

For those of you reading this, thanks for stopping. If you like what you've seen, please let me know. And if you have a blog, tell me about it. I'm trying to follow as many as I can. I wish you all a pleasant good evening.


  1. Sweet! I made the stats list! I am nothing if not a faithful blog checker! Now posting, not so much! I like to be informed, but I forget to do some informing!

  2. I think you're already following my blog, so thanks! Stats are so much fun, aren't they? I love looking up people's search words on google that lead them to my blog. It can be quite hilarious. :)