Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Teewinot, The Cat

We have a cat and the cat is named Teewinot.

Teewinot was named after Teewinot Mountain, one of the peaks comprising the Teton Mountain range along the Idaho/Wyoming boarder. We gave him the name because he is a climber and because we were given him by my cousin's family, who, lives along the Idaho/Wyoming boarder where you can see all the peaks of the Tetons. And just to cement the cat to his name, on the day we got him, my cousin (the one playing with two of my sons) had just hiked Teewinot Mountain. It was a win-win-win (as far as the naming goes...). That little kitten behind the screen turned out to be the cat we brought home with us.

My kids love the cat and most of the time, the cat loves them. The cat can, at times, drive my wife and I crazy for--as a nocturnal animal--his prowling patterns can keep us awake at times. But, the cat definitely earns his keep around our house. He is a superb hunter, with many a dead mouse, bird, and the occasional rabbit ending up on our sidewalk leading to our front door as what we can only surmise as a gift to us for allowing him to live under our roof.

The cat has a sense of humor, too. Luckily for us (and our dog, Patch...) the cat grew up with dogs and our dog was small enough to accept the cat as just another thing to annoy and attack. The cat will hide and wait for the unsuspecting dog to trot by on one of her many trips outside. Then the cat pounces--hilarity ensues.

We've had a few cats and because we live on the mountain, sometimes those cats choose to "run away." I'm hoping Teewinot remains a part of our family for a good long time. I guess we'll see.

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