Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Daddy's Little Girl, Or The Snub...

After work I went to my daughter's gymnastic lesson so my wife could go home and get ready for dinner and a meeting she had later this evening. It's a long story that I'm making it longer.

I watched my daughter go through her practice, you know, the jumping, the cartwheels, the uneven bars. While she practiced I did a little writing.

The rehearsal came to an end and I waited for my daughter as she prepared to leave. I packed up my computer and waited. My daughter walked over with her "new friend." She kept talking to her "new friend" as they put on their shoes. I walked to the door, opened the door for both of them and we all went outside. I began walking to the car, but my daughter stayed behind to chat.

I waited, then waited a little longer, all the while my daughter kept talking, about what I don't know. I decided to just wait in the car so I began walking away. I heard my daughter run to catch up. We reached the car at the same time. I didn't realize until we were both in the car that it wasn't until we were both in the car that she said her first words to me.

I'm actually okay with the snub. She knew I was there and she was excited to talk to her new friend, but I thought I had a few years to go before I became invisible to my little girl. She did, like she always does, give me a hug before she went upstairs to bed. And all is right with the world...

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