Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Karate Prodigy...

Just over a year ago, my oldest son decided to take karate lessons (it helped the dojo was right next door to my daughter's gymnastics center...).

Since he's started, he's graduated to a blue belt. As I see the different belt colors on a wall at the dojo (with the accompanying cost of each belt at the side of each belt color....), Blue is closer to the top of the belt order than the bottom.

If you knew my son, you might not think "karate." He's kind of a passive kid, very level-headed, and contemplative. But I guess everyone has a side they they might not even know about, not that karate is based on violence. I don't know much about the martial art. From what I've seen, it's not like it is portrayed in the movies.

My son is committed to continuing his training. As a father, it's been interesting to watch how each child gravitates toward something they love. And we do try to facilitate those interests as best we can. I think it will be fun to say that we have a black belt living in the house.

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