Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Farewell Recital...

When she plays she has to shift on the piano bench because she can't reach the low octaves and the high octaves at the same time. And yet, those short fingers somehow reach all the notes from the pieces of music she's memorized for her recital.

Our daughter participated in the last recital she (and her older brother...) will attend with her piano teacher. The teacher, who has been a blessing for our family, is moving and so this recital was a way of saying "goodbye" for teacher and students alike.

Since her grandparents missed her first song, she played the number again for them. With the pressure of all those eyes watching her earlier, she said she played better for my wife's parents (I think she did wonderfully both times...). My son watched as his sister played. Had my youngest the opportunity, this piano teacher would have taught him too.

She finished the mini-mini-concert and we applauded. My biased opinion I have of her skills is evident as I recall the recital. She really is pretty good. It was a fun night.


  1. Margot--You ARE a great writer! ;) Thanks for the kind words.