Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Museum Better Than Perfect...

Salt Lake City, Utah

We took my youngest to the newly opened Natural History Museum of Utah. I was a little worried he might get bored. I was wrong.

I had heard about building and how amazing it was. I was unprepared for just how amazing it actually turned out to be. It is, in a word, impressive.

Joining us on our journey of discovery was a couple of school bus loads of middle grade students. Even with the numerous children running around, I never felt crowded.

Different levels separated the various displays and the patrons make their way up from one level to the next. The dinosaurs were incredible.

And the museum unearthed another discovery, the long-lost art of couch-surfing.

 I thought my son might be bored by the museum. He was overwhelmed by the experience. As we left the building and headed to our car, he turned to me and his grandmother and said, "that museum was better than perfect." Son, I agree...

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