Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Writing On The Hospital Wall...

Occasionally at work we walk over the the hospital for a break or for lunch. We've found it's an inexpensive option for food that's pretty good. And, occasionally, we exit the hospital through the back door. Last week, as I waited for my co-workers to get their lunch, I saw a brick wall half hidden by boxes and other items. On several bricks were written names.

Since the wall can't talk, I can only imagine these are the names of people that have either arrived at the hospital to work or left the hospital for other options. I'd guess it's the latter. A hospital is a strange place. There are few buildings built where people enter the buildings alive and leave dead.

The people came to the building and wrote their names on bricks. There's probably a thousand stories the names on these bricks could tell of people and situations and events, and I'm sure for each name on each brick, someone's life was changed forever, and most likely, for the better.


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  2. Thanks SO much, Eve! Glad you liked it!