Monday, May 7, 2012

Last Utah Jazz Game Of The Season...

Game Time!

They were down 21 points with six minutes left and they came back...not all the way, though. Too bad. What a great game.

I got the text just after 12 noon today. "Wife's not going--I can pick you up at 4:15pm." "Better make it 4:20pm. I'm in!" 

Before the game begins, dinner is served. I worked at the Delta Center for years and never knew there was a restaurant upstairs where delicious food is served.

 I decided to add fish to my roast beef dinner. Good choice. After dinner, it was on to the main event.

Now, when I say my friend has good season tickets, I really mean it. It's hard to find a better seat at ESA. It's hard to get better than Row 1. We were so close, the ref (after many--including those sitting next to me--voiced their displeasure for a call he made) was close enough to not only hear us, but to respond as well.

The home team battled valiantly. They even blocked a shot or two. Unfortunately, not one 3-point shot fell for the Jazz, 0-13.

Those who remained for the last minute of the game were treated to an incredible comeback by the home team. They almost did it. In the end, they really had no chance--even from the beginning. I hope people appreciate this team and how they played above their talent level. Not all NBA teams can say that.

Onward and upward. Next year is only five months way. Thank you Jeff for thinking of me today and Thank you Marlisa for deciding to skip this one. You guys are great!

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