Friday, May 25, 2012

My Own Private Airshow...

Officially I've attended one airshow, a few years ago in Wendover, Utah. My friend helps organize the event and it was a lot of fun. For the past two days, I've had the opportunity to watch my very own personal airshow. Of course, there's a few glitches to these airshows. One, the airshows were going on while I was at work, and Two, I was at work with a big non-transparent roof above my head.

I should include at this point that these airshows were not "official." For the past two days my office has been bombarded with the sound of military jets. The jets, F-16's all with the same black bird painted underneath, are the U.S. Air Force elite flying unit.

Today, amidst the roar of the engines, I ran over to the window and tried my best to capture the jets as they screamed by. Sometimes when I wanted a snapshot, the camera was on video, and vice versa... That's they way it goes with a personal airshow. You've got to be ready for anything.

This Memorial Day weekend those same incredible planes and even more incredible pilots and ground crews are going to be putting on a real airshow for the paying populous at Hill Air Force. That crowd will have better seats and better views and take much better pictures. But it will be hard to beat the view I had today, watching jets in the sky with a show that seemed to be just for me.

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