Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Incredible Not Quite Total Eclipse...

We thought about packing up the kids and driving five hours south each way to be "in the path" of a total eclipse, but decided against it. We couldn't secure any viewing glasses, anyway. And since we decided to stay put, we thought our views of the eclipse would be less than spectacular. We were wrong. We had a blast seeing what we saw.


There will be literally millions of pictures of the eclipse posted online and many will be jaw-dropping, eye-popping spectacular. These descriptive adjectives probably won't be attached to my pictures, but then again, I don't really care about that. What I enjoyed most was experiencing the event with the family.

There's something incredible about an eclipse. It makes us realize we're all human to see these heavenly bodies in motion, events no human could in any way affect. It was amazing to look at that piece of white paper and realize the celestial events occurring above. A large cloud floated lazily overhead and blocked much of the eclipse. Through the clouds we could safely see the fingernail sun and that was very cool.

In my 40+ years I've only seen one other eclipse in my life and that too was a partial. Now my kids have seen half the eclipses (or eclipsi...) that I've seen. Good for them. Thanks mom and dad-in-law for use of the binoculars and telescope. It made for something special.

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  1. It was totally awesome. I was surprised how dim it became outside. Reminded me of when you first turn on fluorescent lights and they're not full charge yet.