Sunday, May 27, 2012

It's All About Family...

It's All About Family

The family used to get together (or try, at least...) once a month. We'd take turns hopping from house to house and have Sunday dinner. And we did pretty good for the first year after my mom passed away. The goal--to stay in touch--was an admirable one. My mom didn't want us to drift away like a lot of families do when their parents are gone.

After that first year, we kind of stopped the monthly dinners. I don't think it was one family's fault that we stopped meeting. If anything it was life and the fact that each of our families have evolved and gotten busy. In the past five years one family has gone from having two teenagers to having none. Another family has gone from having no teenagers to having two. And the other family had two kids move out and one moved back.

Memorial Day for the Taylors means meeting at the cemetery. We met yearly when it was just my father's memory we honored at the incredibly beautiful cemetery. Now we honor two and are blessed beyond measure to be included in this family and carry the name of Taylor.


Hopefully we can carry on the tradition. In the next five years some of my siblings could be grandparents (maybe even me, but that would be pushing things...). I'm sure there will be a lot of changes as the last five years have shown. Memorial Day is to honor those who have passed (generally) and those who have fallen and fought for our right to be together as a family (specifically). In the end, it's all about family.