Monday, May 14, 2012

Thoughts On Mother's Day, The Day After...

The day came and went, 24 hours, 18 (or so…) hours awake for us to think
about and honor mothers. Always on Sunday and always in May. We had such
a crazy week before the Mother’s Day this year that we used Sunday as
it was intended—a day of rest.

It’s Monday and I’m thinking of mothers. There are four
mothers in my life that have had the greatest effect on me. Two I’ve
known for 20 years, one for 46, and one I’ve never met.

Yesterday my wife and I visited my mother’s grave and left some of
the roses that are budding in our yard. We knew the snowball blossoms
wouldn’t last until Memorial Day so we cut off a few of the
better-looking plants and left them at the grave site as well. Tonight
we’re going to go to my wife’s mother's house to celebrate the day properly.
So in the past two days I’ll have celebrated/honored three of the four

The last mother, the one I’ve never met, I’ll have to honor alone.
She carried me and bore me and imparted me to the woman I called mom for
over 40 years. As time passes the chances of me ever knowing this final
mother in this life lessens each day. It might even be too late now; I
don’t know. I suppose the best way to honor this woman (and all the
other mothers in my life…) is to be the best I can be. Happy Mother’s
Day to the women in my life.

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  1. Yeah! You are great at honoring all of these mothers!