Monday, May 21, 2012

Go Fish...

My youngest asked me if I wanted to play Go Fish today, and after repeated requests, I said yes (actually, it was only two requests...).

Playing Go Fish with my son is an interesting experience. He brags each time he gets a "book" of cards and tells me I'm cruel whenever I successfully call out a card that he has (I'm extra cruel when I collect a book after taking a card from him...) "You're cruel," he says. At first I thought he was saying I was cool, and I thought, "My son thinks his dad is cool." Nope.

About halfway through the game my son began to place his unbooked cards in piles according the the card number. Basically this means I can't look anywhere in his general direction while we play the game or else I would know pretty much every card he has (of course, when there's only two playing, I pretty much knew anyway...).

He may ask me to play again tomorrow. Go fish, young man. Go fish!

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