Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Very Own Business Card...

 My New Cards!

I remember the day when I got my first business cards. I worked as a Marketing Representative at the time and a few weeks after my promotion a box containing a couple of hundred cards landed on my desk. I thought it was pretty cool. I had that job for just over a year and I doubt I gave out 10% of those cards. I probably took them with me when I left that job. Come to think of it, they might be in a storage box in my basement right now...

In the years since, my employers have thought it necessary to print more cards with my name, number, and position on them. I'm sure those cards met the same fate as my first batch of monogrammed card stock cards. I doubt those employers ever recuperated the investment they put into those cards.

Tomorrow I embark on an adventure. Those who have gone before offered advice to us rookies. "Take munchies, drinks (some suggested caffeinated drinks--others, no...), something to write on, and cards to hand out," was their counsel. My backpack is packed with the above items, but I needed something to hand out. And so, I have become The Bald Chronicler! Champion of the Run-On Sentence! Defender of Never Completing A Blog Post W/O Pictures! Servant to the unpublished author, and sucker for a good short story. My kryptonite is spelling (and other obvious errors...), but I'm working on it. Have no fear, citizens--The Bald Chronicler is here!

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