Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Good Saturday...


A Good Saturday

I wake up before 6:30am every workday. It's no big deal, but getting up that early on Saturday, that's another matter. By 7am we were on the road and headed for the county down south. We had a great time.

Some kids play baseball and football and most play soccer. If they get good, you invest more time and money in their development. Why do we do this? Is that neighbor kid going to make it an become a professional baseball player? The odds aren't good. But almost everyone who makes it to the big leagues begins that way.

Today my daughter stood on the podium and we cheered. My mom once told my wife that there are things you do for your kids you wouldn't normally do (that's how we ended up with a dog...). Why do we spend the time and money in their development?  The pictures say it all.

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