Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Little Off-Road Racing...

My neighbor: "Hey, you want to go to the Lucas Oil Off Road races at Miller Sports Park this Saturday?"

Me: "Um...Yeah!"

"My neighbor: "Great! I've got tickets for you and your son."

Me: "Um...Yeah!"

Sometimes I don't say much.

And so on Saturday last, my son and I (and my neighbor, interestingly enough...) climbed in my non-off-road vehicle and we drove past one Oquirrh Mountain range and found ourselves west of Tooele, Utah, at Miller Sports Park for some off-road racing.

If you've never gone, I highly recommend it! It was a blast!

So much engine noise and flying flecks of dirt and engine noise--and being really close to flying vehicles was a rush! I even got high-fives from the podium racers.

We stayed for three races, saw one truck roll over, saw one catch on fire and saw many damaged fiberglass body panels. Best part, I had a fantastic afternoon with my son. Thanks My neighbor!

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