Thursday, June 12, 2014

Marion Jensen's "Almost Super" Is Just Plain Super...A Book Review

Almost Super*

I attended the official book launch of Marion Jensen's Almost Super. Since Marion's my neighbor I had the chance to talk to him about his book before it came out. I asked the same question every author is asked, "What's the book about?" Marion graciously answered as if it was the first time he'd been asked the question.

"Imagine a world where superheroes exist and the super power you get is completely useless."

We chatted more about the book and what he said left me intrigued. This week I took the book to work, read it on the  train and finished it in a few days.

In short, I loved it!

There's something sweet about a book aimed at a younger demographic. It's like watching a Disney movie, or an episode of a good cartoon. Marion transports us to when we were at that awkward junior high age as we follow the exploits of three children, two brothers from one family, and a girl from another family. As it turns out, the families possess superpowers, powers they've used to battle each other for generations.

Everything changes when the three children each obtain their own superpower, a day they've dreamed of all their lives. Turns out the event proved to be anything but super. How do the children deal with the crushing blow that has befallen them? Will they help or hinder the age-old war between the families?

You'll just have to read it yourself. I'd love to tell you more, but I'd hate to deny you the pleasure of finding out what happens. The details will bring a smile to your face! When I say it's a fast read, I mean it. If you get a chance to sit and enjoy a fun, creative book, I recommend Marion's Almost Super. You won't be disappointed!

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