Thursday, June 26, 2014

Watching Soccer At The ESA...

Today I, along with several Americans, watched the World Cup match-up between the United States Men's Soccer team verses Germany. And I watched it at a basketball arena. There were several soccer fans taking advantage of the awesome jumbotrons.

Of course, there's another reason they opened up the building...

Soccer fans are an interesting lot. During the second half, after Germany scored the game's only goal (I hope I'm not giving away any spoilers...), the crowd settled in and waited--hoped--the boys in white would get a goal, or at least, not allow any other scores. As long as the score stayed the same, the Americans would live to play another day.

Even though the Americans lost, they are moving on...such is the strangeness of soccer.

I would have loved to catch the feeling in the arena had USA scored, but maybe next time.

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