Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Prepare Ye...For Westercon Is Coming!


Next month Westerncon rolls into town and I am a participant. I'm both excited and honored to be chosen as a panelist. On the list of those attending my name appears with others whom I consider friends and who possess incredible talents in both writing and the visual arts. 

I'm also a little nervous about going. I'm nervous because it will be a first for me at this particular convention. It's sort of how I felt when attending a Comic Con for the first time last fall. I had no idea what to expect back then, either.

Westerncon organizers have contacted me several times in the past month making sure that any special requests I might have concerning the convention are covered, requests such as tables, having books available for sale and to sign, and even my preferences in food. It reminds me just how much work behind the scenes goes into an event like this, hard work that fosters success.

You can check out Westerncon's website: HERE. Also, taking place across the street at the very same time is FantasyCon (their website is: HERE). Celebrities, artists, authors and performers will all be there, so it's practically guaranteed you'll find something to satisfy any interests you have.

Westerncon is coming! Are you ready?

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