Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Little Green Sticker...

Believe it or not, the most coveted thing found at last April's Comic Con FanX Experience was not a front-row seat at one of the panels, or a photo with your favorite celebrity.

It was a little green sticker.

Yes, it's true.

At the FanX event I was one of many panelists given a "Special Guest" pass. My badge allowed me access into a lot of stuff. It allowed me inside the building, and the vendor area before the general public or the V.I.P. passes.

But there were some places that my pass would not take me...places where only the truly special guests could go. And the green sticker allowed access to one of the coolest rooms at the entire convention. With a green sticker on your pass, you could enter...

The Executive V.I.P. Room!

This is the place where all the celebrities could go, a place where they could unwind away from the public, a place to recharge, to regroup and prepare to meet the throngs. And if you happened to be in that room when these celebrities were there, you could see them, or even talk to them.

And if you're not issued one of those little green stickers, sometimes they can be found on the floor of the convention and if so, they might be peeled off the floor and stuck on a "Special Guest" pass. But, seriously, that almost never happens.

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