Monday, June 23, 2014

Ever Been Buzzed By A Red-Tailed Hawk? One Thing Off My List Of Things To Do...

Yesterday I was out on my back deck waiting for a hummingbird to stop by and get a drink from our little hummingbird feeder. I wanted to try and get a good close up shot using my good camera.

It was another bird that got my attention.

My neighbors have a huge tree in their backyard and in that tree were a couple of hawks. As I waited for the hummingbird to show up, the hawks started making a ruckus. I saw our cat waiting below the deck so I thought the hawks were making a fuss over him. After the birds began acting up, the cat shimmied up the post and stood by me. As he was climbing up, one of the birds began diving at us and hovering above our heads and it continued to cry out. The cat and I went inside and once we were inside, the bird stopped crying out and flew back to the tree.

I thought I had missed a chance to get some great shots of the hawk, especially as it basically flew in one spot in the sky (between bombing drives...). I went back outside to see if the bird was still there, I'd try and get a shot of that bird.

Turns out the hawks weren't worried about the cat at all.

They didn't like me.

For some reason, I've upset a pair of what looks to be red-tailed hawks. They're not too big or colorful, but they don't like me on my back deck. Tonight I went out and filmed one of the bird's flights on my phone. I don't know how long this is going to last. It's kind of strange, and a little Hitchcock-ian.


  1. i wonder if they have young in a nest, nearby? Either that, or you are a highly suspicious looking character.