Saturday, June 21, 2014

Movie Marathon, A Rarity...

Saving Mr. Banks Theatrical Poster.jpg¥

Last night my wife and I had a movie marathon. You remember those...dedicating several hours to just watching movies. Unlike my parents, I grew up in an age where you could rent movies and watch multiple movies back-to-back. Luckily, by the time I got to high school, we could go to Blockbuster, or a local video store, and rent movies and stay up until the wee hours of the morning, or even watch until the sun rose the next day. Ah...those carefree days of our twenties.

Last night we rented a couple of movies from the Redbox and settled down for the marathon. We knew we needed to watch the two that we rented (hate paying for an extra Redbox day...), but the third movie was a bonus.

Delivery Man Poster.jpg*

We watched Saving Mr. Banks, Delivery Man and the first half of The Lego Movie. 

I have several friends who blog about new movies they see. Since we rarely watch movies in the theater, I don't blog about new movies. And I don't think I ever blog about watching newly released DVD movies that we see--probably because it's not a big deal to rent a movie that just came out on DVD.

A construction worker Lego figure running away from a bright light, with other Lego characters running alongside him.π

Neither my wife or I had seen Saving Mr. Banks or Delivery Man. In my opinion, both excellent films, though for different reasons. I recommend both of them, especially Delivery was an unexpected treat. We tried to finish the third film (exceptional, as well...), but it was too late and we were too tired so we stopped it halfway through.

I mean, we're not in our twenties anymore...

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