Monday, June 9, 2014

A Picture's Worth A Thousand Views...

Last weekend I attended a little get-together--good friends, good food, good pastry! And, as is now the norm, after dinner we gathered outside and began taking pictures. The next day my friend invited me to post some of the pictures I took on Facebook. And I was happy to do so, not just for those who were there, but for the many friends on Facebook who were unable to attend.

So, I downloaded about twenty-five pictures and tagged as many people as possible. It was fun. I was also happy how some of the shots turned out. The lighting was nice and it's easy to take a good picture when your subjects are genuinely happy to be there.

Little did I know the impact those pictures would have.

I should have seen it coming.

By posting the pictures and tagging my friends, I failed to realize just how many people would see those photographs! Almost instantly friends of my friends began "Liking" the pictures. I mean, it's always fun to see pictures of people you love and you want to let them know you like seeing them. Within minutes people were coming out of the woodwork to "Like" the pictures. Even days later, the notifications of "Likes" are still coming in strong.

So I did a little arithmetic in my mind. Just how many people did those twenty-five-or-so pictures reach on Facebook? It could possibly be tens of thousands. I've got over 500 Facebook friends, as do many of my friends. And since most of the shots I took had multiple people in them, the numbers rise exponentially. So the above picture of the five people--by itself--could reach between 2500 and 5000 Facebook friends. One picture can literally reach thousands and thousands of people.

I'm glad people liked the pictures. I hope I captured some of the wonderful personalities that were there that night. And with so many people "Liking" the shots, I'll bet I did.

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