Friday, June 13, 2014

How Did You Spend Your Friday The 13th? We Looked For Our Cat...

Those of you who share a residence with a cat will understand when I say that our cat has a mind of his own. He's also got his own schedule, a schedule we've done well to accommodate. Our cat's also a hunter and he spends a large chunk of the day in the fields around our house and on the mountain on which we live.

Of course, when you live on the mountain and you're a domesticated cat, there are lots of other animals that hunt, too...animals that hunt domesticated cats.

So when the cat deviated from his well-established schedule today, I've got to tell you, I was a little worried. There's so many things that can get a cat, not to mention cars or dogs. Every couple of hours I opened the front door to see if he was out there.

A few months after we picked up this cat from my cousin's farm in Idaho he went missing for a day. We've had cats before that disappeared and we thought the same thing happened to him. Luckily a neighbor said he heard a cat meowing in an old unused garage. I looked and found our cat cold, hungry and glad someone came along to let him out.

Today we kept checking and the cat had not shown up, so we told the kids we were worried about him. We asked them to say a little prayer for his return. The thought of having to tell the kids that one of our pets was gone for good breaks my heart just thinking of it.

This afternoon I decided to check one more time and there, coming up the stairs was our cat. I have no idea where he spent the night last night, but I hope he doesn't decide to make this a common occurrence. But, at least for today, he's back. 

And we're glad.

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