Monday, December 22, 2014

A Circle Of Trust...

"Five minutes to for opening act!" Todd screams through the halls and at the door of each dressing room.

We all respond by saying, "Thank you, five." with various levels of enthusiasm. At least, that's what we've done for the past month every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings and if the show continued, that's where we'd all be at around 6:30pm tonight, on an empty stage with the show's opening song blaring on the speaker system.

We form a circle--a circle of trust--and link arms with each other, a few cast members arriving after the music starts. Together we'll sing, some with solos, others harmonizing in small groups until we sing together and finish the song.

"Opening choir--on stage now!" Most are already there, waiting. Some come late. And when the music starts, our circle of trust solidifies until we become a family of performers sharing a single stage with a single goal of bringing magic to friends and strangers.

So, to Laryn, Abby, Ella, Truman, Sam, Tyler, Addie, Chantelle, Samantha, Jackie, Marsha, Tyler, Chase, Adam, Robert, and Carson, sing a song of gladness and cheer! Thanks for accepting me into your circle. Happy Christmas to you and yours. Take care.

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