Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Platte F. Clark's "Bad Unicorn"...A Book Review

With Platte Clarke's Bad Unicorn, I did something I usually never do. I blogged about the book while I was reading it. Today, while traveling to Salt Lake to begin another wonderful day at work, I finished it.

What a great book!

In that previous post (you can access that blog post: HERE), I talked about how I met the author at a Comic Con and heard more about the book from a friend. He was it was unusual, and he was right. I knew going in that this was just the first helping of hopefully a much larger literary meal so I knew a cliffhanger was coming. It did not disappoint.

Without giving too much away, the title character of Clarke's book is not the main character. The story follows three teenagers who find themselves flung into the future because of a book that only one of the kids, Max, can read and understand. As this story unfolds, we also find ourselves in alternative universes where the Princess, the Unicorn (and she is bad...) plots and schemes to gain the advantage over basically everyone.

In the future, the unicorn and her assistant has turned from living organisms to computerized life forms. Princess's quest, however, remains the same. She loves the power.

I especially liked the way Princess can change from a unicorn to human form, her horn becoming a wand when she's no longer a unicorn. I liked that bit of imagination. I also loved the little "pearls of comedy" strewn throughout the entire book. It's a classic!

Yes, I'm done and I guess I'll be on the lookout for Fluff Dragon, book 2 in the trilogy. If you're looking for something different to read, pick up this one!

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