Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What Exactly Is A "Quad Threat?" Adam West..That's What!

If you're involved in the theater in any way, you've most likely heard the term "a triple threat." If not, the term describes someone who can sing, dance and act. It's hard to get a part when you're competition is a triple threat because when it comes to performing, they can do it all.

So, what's a "quad threat?" Good question. During the past decade or so I've done a few shows and in more than a few, I've been lucky enough to perform with Adam West. No, not "Batman" Adam West, Utah resident Adam West. Chances are if you've seen shows in my neck of the woods, there's a good chance you've gotten to see Adam on stage. And if so, you've not been disappointed. 

The first show I did with Adam was Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  He and I were in different casts but shared the same part. We played Rueben, the oldest (and wisest...) of all the brothers. I had done a show with Adam's wife a few years earlier, but I didn't know Adam did shows.

And at that time, he didn't. He only started doing shows after his wife was in the show with me and a few of my children. The first time I met Adam was at a Training Table Restaurant, a local joint that specializes in hamburgers. We chatted for a while and I was impressed with how friendly he was.

That was many years ago. Since then we've both done several shows with a few of them together. Doing a show with Adam is an experience. Just knowing he's in the cast means it will never be boring--either for the audience or the rest of the cast and crew.

So what exactly is a quad threat? Basically, it's someone who can sing, dance, act and is "eye candy." Whether or not you concur with the fourth qualification...well, that's up to you, but I can say with definite sureness is that the man is talented. He really can do it all and is a blast to work with. But, as good an singer, dancer, actor and/or eye candy-er, he's even a better friend. This show's almost over and I hope it will be sooner rather than later that we get to do it again.

Most photos used without permission from the incredibly talented (and nice...) Ron Russell and can be seen on the Centerpoint Legacy Theatre's Photo Albums (you can access them: HERE)

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