Friday, December 26, 2014

So Long, Chers Deli...

Earlier this week I had a choice--go get something for lunch at an eatery near my work or open a can of soup I brought.

I chose to go for a walk. Usually, I have a couple of cheap options when it comes to getting something to eat near my work. My first choice was unavailable to me--the Taco Cart was on a break and he won't be back until next month. Bummer.

There's a Carl's Jr. a block away, but burgers didn't sound good so I decided to check out Cher's Deli. I've written about the small restaurant before. I believe it was run by a Korean family and they made good, no-nonsense sandwiches. 

But no more.

I walked the block east and was shocked to see the little deli has closed. It's hard to see from the picture below but on the walls were what looked like paintings for children as if the space had previously been used as a kid's art gallery.

I always feel bad when a business that I like closes. I feel bad because I think if I had only gone there more, they might still be in business. I haven't gone to Cher's in months. Then again, I doubt me going there every day would have saved it. I'd like to think they closed this location because they found a better, more advantageous one where they're making delicious, relatively low-cost sandwiches to appreciative patrons.

Even though I don't think that's what happened, I still like to think that. So long, Cher's Deli. You'll be missed.

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