Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Should I Stay...Or Should I Go?


Should I Stay…Or Should I Go?

That’s really the question, not this to be, or not to be? stuff that gets tossed around. Then again, to be, or not to be? could easily be converted to: to be (here), or not to be (here)?

Last night some friends of mine held an event, an event for something that was very cool. They are part of a podcast team and they recorded an episode before watching the latest and last The Hobbit movie at a theater that's very close to where I live.

I like podcasts. I like friends. I like movies. I like The Hobbit movies.

So, why didn’t I go?

That’s the question.

That’s the question I pondered as I sat at home, finishing up my blog post and journal and thought about leaving the house at 9pm and participating in the event.

You know how it is…you weigh the pros and cons; you consider the ramifications. Pros: fun, friends, film. Cons: cost (we hardly ever go to new releases—most films I see I get from Redbox…), and perhaps the biggest con—the time of the show. It began around 11pm which means I’d get home sometime around 2am. Then I’d need to be up at 5:30am to catch my bus and clock in at 6:30am. On top of that, I’m doing a show the next night so I’d need to leave work at 4pm to make the curtain call at 6pm, and the last thing I wanted is to be so tired I’d forget lines for the show.

If I had planned, I could have asked for time off on Wednesday—I didn’t (either plan or ask for time off…). So, as I think about the decision I made, I wonder would it have been worth it, and if I’m being honest, it probably would have. But when I make these kinds of decisions and seem to choose “not to do something,” more than do it. I kind of get in a pattern, a pattern of not deciding to stay late with everyone else at restaurants, of not jointng choirs and going to New York City to perform and not going to podcast recordings and watching the last The Hobbit films before anyone else.

Then again, I get more sleep and I save some dough. That’s about how it shakes out.

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