Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Annual Ward Choir Christmas Program...

In my neighborhood I am surrounded by insanely talented people. I'm sure you are, too. Most are talented in one thing or another (even if they don't know it...). But in my neighborhood, for some reason there lives many who are musically gifted.

And at this time of year, a few of us put on a Christmas program at church. Today was that day. But a good program requires good preparation, which in our case, included a delicious breakfast yesterday morning. Everyone brought something yummy and we breakfasted with good friends and good food. We then rehearsed for a couple of hours in preparation of this morning.

At 11am our meeting began and one hour and fifteen minutes later, it ended. In between we sang and heard inspirational words. I think I've participated in this particular program every year going back decades. In the past I've sung solos, in duets, quartets and sextets, and even played handbells. They've all been good, but this was one of my favorite programs.

In our church all over the world such programs were held, all in an effort to honor the birth of Christ. Hopefully those who attended our program left feeling better, and more prepared for the Christmas holiday only a few days away. I know I did.

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