Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Coach Whitt...Good Job!

A friend of mine told me of the time he heard the Superbowl-winning coach Mike Ditka speak at a convention. He remembered the coach talk about how tough it is to be an NFL coach. He said, "Imagine you at your job and there's dozens of cameras directed on you the entire time you're at your job. The camera's record everything--every move, every decision, everything. Do you think you would do your job differently if you had cameras on you at your job?"

That thought stayed with my friend and since he told me, it's stayed with me, too. I think being a coach of a sports time is one of the more demanding jobs out there. I know I couldn't do it, or if I did, I'd do a poor job at it.

One person he is pretty good at his job is the coach for the University of Utah football team, Coach Kyle Whittingham. I don't know him personally, but I know people who do. As with any person, there's good and bad, but as a fan of both him and the team, I admire what he's been able to do.

On the heals of a great Las Vegas Bowl victory last weekend, news broke today that two of his assistants are leaving for other jobs. A good leader will tell you that you increase greatly your chances of success when you choose the right people to help you. Many fans are worried (and to be honest, I am a little as well...) that the program will take a step or two backward. And it might; life is so unpredictable in sports. Many a person has gone broke betting on the outcomes of games and programs. Even if Coach Whitt has a terrible year and/or gets replaced, I'll always appreciate the job he's done and the way he's honored his position, the players, the school and the fans.

Hopefully, though, I hope he has an even better year next year. Good job, Coach Whitt! Good job!

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