Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sledding...One Of Life's Simple Joys

I don't know exactly what made my parents purchase the particular plot of land they bought some forty-five years ago. I can guess why--the view, ten or so acres on the hill in Farmington and I'll bet they got it dirt cheap.

Unfortunately, I can't ask them why and I didn't ask them when they were alive. All I know is that I'll be forever thankful they did. I loved growing up on our little part of the mountain for so many reasons. One of which is the access to excellent sledding in the winter.

Fast forward several decades. Things change. A house sits where we used to sled (our run was called The Ravine From Hell...). In this picture, our run began just above where that upper rock wall is on the mountain. It twisted and turned and ended up near where I'm taking the picture. Even though that run is gone, our neighbor to the west opened up his backyard to the neighborhood each winter, and that's where we now sled.

It's a great hill--perfect for kids.

Which turned out to be perfect for sledding this morning. I took pictures. As kids we loved to sled in the winter. Inner tubes were my personal favorite. We would patch those things every time they sprung a leak and used them over and over. The Ravine From Hell claimed its fair share of tubes and sleds and even those with runners.

This morning, the kids--and many of the adults--had a great time and after the sledding we all came inside for hot chocolate and what the Danes call hygge

Because when it's all said and done, flying down an incline across frozen water on a tube or a sled while the sun kisses your face and the cold air chills your cheeks is one of life's simple joys. If you've been lucky  enough to experience it, you know what I mean. If not, you really should try it.

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