Monday, September 19, 2016

Alyson Peterson's "The Cursed Dagger"...A Book Review

Several weeks ago I was asked to blog about a upcoming book, Alyson Peterson's The Cursed Dagger, Book Two of the Ian Quicksilver series.

After finishing it, I realized several things. One--I'm not reading enough fantasy, and two--Alyson is a fantastic writer!

The Cursed Dagger tells the continuing story of Ian Quicksilver, an alien prince living on earth. Ian has an assignment and he's running out of time. He must marry Ari, another alien and princess before by his sixteenth birthday.

Which takes place in less than a week.

Peterson's writing style is crisp, sharp, focused. The story hums with good pacing. And even though I have not yet read Book One, I felt I knew the characters from the beginning. That whole "being confused because you joined a conversation halfway in" thing never happened for me.

Ian, his mentor/trainer/friend/fellow alien Corbin, and Ari experience the awkwardness of dating and growing up on earth not quite like everyone else. Books dealing with teenagers many times focus on the difficulties of growing up. This story is no different. Ian, Corbin, and Ari go from dating difficulties to dealing with possessed dragons. There's magic, and deception, painful goodbyes, and incredible escapes. The book does not lack for excitement.

One of the major surprises for me was Peterson's ability to so successfully write from a teenage boy's perspective. So many times she nailed it, the way a boy would react in certain situations was, in my opinion, spot on.

If you like middle grade/young adult fantasy, you will enjoy this book. Thank you  Alyson for letting me into your world.

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