Friday, September 9, 2016

I Mean...Who's This Poster For, Really?

I've written before about the amount of motivational posters that hang everywhere at my work. They're so prevalent that, in my opinion, they're almost irrelevant. It's like seeing the same advertisement over and over on TV. After a while, you just ignore it.

But one poster caught my eye yesterday. It was on hanging on the elevator door.

Here's what it said:

I saw the poster and wondered if it has actually made a difference. Maybe that's just my cynical side showing it's ugly head. I suppose I'm already cynical about the other posters. I'm sure it's affecting my perspective with this one, too.

Being healthy is important. My employer has several incentives to help us think about our health. We have authorized exercise times during the week. There's discounts offered from our health insurance. These are good things.

But sometimes broaching the subject of another person's health can be a touchy subject. Many people suffer from poor health due to no fault of their own, so when someone makes a judgement call on another person's motivation toward their health, it can get messy.

I guess that's what I thought about when I saw the sign. I think many who take the elevator might actually want to take the stairs more often (our building has only two stories, but still...). Then again, they might have just gone through a tough day and are flat-out tired, even though this sign was on the second floor and taking the stairs to go down is so much easier than going up.

But maybe--just maybe everyone's like me and they've seen so many motivational thoughts and sayings all over the place that they don't even see the sign at all. We'll probably never know.

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