Monday, September 12, 2016

My New Favorite App...Letgo

I'd seen the ads many many times, but I never took action.

Until last weekend.

I don't know why I did it, but for some reason, I downloaded the Letgo app on my phone. Hours later, when the time had passed when I should have been asleep, I was still looking at the app, checking out more and more stuff. I checked out refrigerators. I checked out drones. I checked out musical instruments. I checked out sewing machines. I checked out cars even. The more I looked, the more there was to see, and it all was within my general vicinity. Heaven help me if I decided to look for things in another state. I was hooked.

And the strangest part was, I really didn't know why I was hooked. I mean--yes, we were in the market for a fridge to put in the garage, but the other stuff, like sewing machines? We're not in the market for those, but I have a co-worker who really likes sewing machines so I thought I'd check out to see what the local sewing machine prices were like.

The fact that the app held my attention for so long baffled me, until I realized one thing, one explanation that answered my baffling question.

The app is basically a digital thrift store.

If you've followed this blog for any length of time, you know I have a fondness (some call a weakness...) for thrift stores. They contain pretty much nothing that we need, but I like to see what's there. The last couple of times I've gone to a thrift store, I even checked out--yep, you guessed it--sewing machines. Not to buy them, but to see just what they had. It resulted in fun conversations between my co-worker and I the next time at work.

I don't know how pleased the Letgo people will be to have me as a subscriber. Like my visits to actual thrift stores, I usually don't buy anything. I said earlier, there's not much there we need. The same goes for the app. Also, Letgo keeps wanting me to sell stuff. I know there are things in my house I could exchange for legal tender. I probably should, and maybe I will one day. But for now, I am finding it fascinating just to do a little app window shopping. Because there's just so much to see.

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