Sunday, September 18, 2016

To Those At The Party...That I Missed

I stopped by my friend's office a few months ago and we were shooting the bull. And, as is wont to happen, we chatted about the old days, high school, summer jobs, college, and one of our personal favorites--the years we spent in the University of Utah A'Cappella Choir, Dr. Ed Thompson, Conductor.

"We should have a reunion," my friend said.

"We should," I agreed.

We picked a date, created a Facebook Event and sent out invites. I awaited the day with anticipation. The day came and has since passed. And because of work commitments, I pretty much missed it.

I arrived more than three hours late and greeted the hearty souls who stayed until the bitter end. We caught up, shared hugs then wished them well on their journeys home. Finally my friend and I--the original event organizers--were the only ones left. He prepared a plate of food for me (complete with delicious pie...) and we sat and shot the bull.

"The party was great," he said. He told me how everyone sat and talked, just talked. He then told me of an experience they all shared, one I won't include here. Oh, how I wish I could have been there, to see those wonderful people and enjoy their company.

Decades ago we meet every day at a former LDS Institute building and we sang. I looked forward to that class every school day for four years. After everyone left the reunion party, my friend and I talked about how that class changed our lives. We met our spouses through the choir. We've made fast friends through that choir. And both of us shared stories on how we made it into the choir, each could have ended up in another group and so much of our lives would have been different.

To those at the party, I'm sorry I couldn't attend. To my friend who ended up hosting by himself (I'm sure his wonderful wife helped him to make it a fantastic party...), I apologize for making you do all the work. I know I missed an amazing event. But I'm happy my friend and I decided to do it because those who attended had a blast.

I'll just have to go to the next one.

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