Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Click Bait...I Wonder How They'll Hook Us In The Future

I had a thought as I did a little web surfing tonight. I was looking at a site on Yahoo's home page that advertised free iPhone apps (I'm very cheap...). I've seen similar ads many times before, but today was much more excessive. Ads lined both sides of the web page beckoning me to answer their siren song. I copied a couple of them. If I had copied each ad I saw, this post would have been forever long.

They seem to keep inventing new phrases to try and get us to click a site. The latest that I've noticed--and they've used it for a while--is the, "You've got to see insert past celebrity here now--You won't believe it!" Or "See the Cast of Gunsmoke Now--They Look Amazing!" Those have always bugged me, especially when more than half of a given cast is dead. And, yes, in the example below--I believe I CAN look away (the fact they didn't use proper pronunciation doesn't help their cause, either...).

The thought that came to me was this: I wonder what phrases and tempting headlines they'll come up with when the ones they're using currently no longer work. I really don't know, and I'm almost afraid to think about it.

But rest assured, as long as the internet operates as it does now--mostly free--we're at the mercy of click bait. I only hope I can continue ignoring those fascinating and engaging headlines.

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