Thursday, September 8, 2016

Searching For Stella...

I saw a flyer attached to a sign as I drove home, but due to the angle and the speed in which I traveled, I couldn't tell what it said. A neighbor child filled me in on the details as I exited my car and walked to my house.

"There's a dog missing," she said. I could see she was concerned.

"Are you looking for it?" I asked.

"We had a piece of paper with its picture, but the paper's gone." We continued walking. "It has white on its belly."

"I hope they find it," I said. She then turned to me and asked, "If you see a dog with white on its belly, can you let us know?"

I assured her I would.

I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood, not necessarily to find the missing pet, but to get a little exercise. And if I found Stella, the missing French Bulldog, that's a bonus. I took my camera to see if I could capture anything interesting. Fortunately, I did get some exercise and I took some pictures, but the search for Stella netted zero results.

Here's just a sample of what I captured on my neighborhood watch. The Missing French Bulldog flyers accompanied me on my walk. If you have seen this adorable little dog, please contact its owner. I'm sure they're worried sick. I hope it gets found soon.

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