Thursday, September 15, 2016

Frightmares...And So It Begins

Tonight my son and I began a part-time job at the local amusement park that's just down the road. Some would say we're lucky to have an amusement park right down the road--not many can say that. I agree with them. It's been very cool to live so close. Many childhood memories, and teenage ones as well, have come from that place.

Last year I returned after a twenty + year absence. That was weird. I worked a show and my son worked with me. It was his first real job. The season passed and the show ended, but they needed people to help them with their Halloween shows. We applied and got the job. We applied for the Halloween shows this year and got the job again.

Tonight was a run-through of the entertainment that patrons will experience beginning tomorrow night. My son and I are house managers at the same stage we worked last year, but last year's show has been replace by chainsaw-wielding dancers. It's a fun show and the people like it. But I had to ask myself, is it really something a fifty-year old father should be doing? I mean, I just quit another part-time job a month ago because they pay stunk and the hours were brutal. 

This job has advantages over the library job. I work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. At the library I worked Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. It was nice having Sundays off, but that only means I had to fit up to twenty hours in six days, not seven.

But even thought the show is fun and the pay is better than the library, the main reason I came back for another Frightmares is because my son wanted to do it. I probably wouldn't have done it if I didn't. And since he has fun doing it and makes pretty good money for a teenager, I decided to do it, too.

The place has provided many good memories for me. Hopefully, my son will be able to say the same one day.

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