Thursday, September 1, 2016

Just Me, Mark, And Several Thousand Friends...

For those of you who went, you know what it was like to be inside when the name was announced and he emerged from the tunnel. You felt it too. I've been fortunate enough to attend each Salt Lake Comic Con and FanX they've held. But I generally avoid the large celebrity panels. For me, the cons are about networking, creating and maintaining relationships, and moving product. I mean, the celebrities are wonderful for those who go to the cons specifically to meet and see the stars. I just had other interests.

So when they announced Mark Hamill would be at the Vivint Smarthome Arena to kick off this year's con, I considered not attending. But my son came with me and he wanted to go so we went.

I'm glad I did.

It was a blast!

Mr. Hamill did not disappoint. He told stories and fielded questions. I haven't seen so many smiling faces since the Utah Jazz last made the playoff.

Oh, sorry...too soon?

But seriously, it was very cool. And it was fun to have that shared experience. It was something my son and I--and thousands of others--can look back and remember when Mark Hamill came to town.

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