Friday, September 30, 2016

Some Pictures People Really Notice...Some They don't

I have, since Jan/Feb 2011, posted a picture on social media every day--that's close to 2100 pictures. Those who have followed this blog, or my Pic Of The Day on Facebook or Google +, you've seen some pretty remarkable pictures, and some dogs (and by "dogs" I mean not all that great pictures, even though I've includes some pictures of actual dogs as well...). You can tell when I'm trying, and when I was running out of time and snapped a picture of basically anything and post it.

Still, you've all been extremely kind with whatever I've posted. When you've commented, they've been positive and respectful. And for that, I'm grateful.

But sometimes, a picture even surprises myself. I know when I capture a beautiful sunset and post it, I get a lot of "Likes" and comments. No surprises there. The other day, however, I worked my weekend job--a job where I don't get home until after 10pm--and I quickly posted a picture of a telephone box that I saw tucked away at Lagoon in an alley that's closed to the public. I thought it was cool, but not necessarily that interesting. And since it was the most interesting thing I photographed that day, it became my Pic Of The Day.

Almost instantly on Facebook friends commented and "Liked" it. I could tell it was one of the pictures that made an impression. A few days later--maybe even the very next day--I posted a picture of my Amaryllis plant. I was shocked at how big it had grown in just a few days so I posted that picture as my Pic Of The Day. I got a couple of "Likes." I don't know if I expected more chatter about it--maybe I did. 

I plan on continuing my daily picture posts. I'll try to keep them interesting and hopefully good. And I think I'll still see which ones people like a lot and which ones not so much. It's fun to find out.

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