Thursday, September 22, 2016

Twenty Four Years...Here's To Even More!

I checked Facebook while on a break at work today and I saw my wife posted a picture that was taken twenty-four years ago today. It's the both of us surrounded by friends and family. The picture's bittersweet for me--there are many wonderful people in the picture no longer with us. That's how it goes with pictures--one day everyone in the picture will be gone. But the picture conjures good thoughts, too. The baby my sister is holding just got married less than three weeks ago, and that cluster of adorable kids on the bottom left corner are almost all married with kids of their own.

It's late now--we're letting our big dinner settle. My wife and I just returned from our anniversary tradition--going out and getting foot at someplace nice.

Looks like we've kept up the tradition for another year.

The past twelve months have seen a lot of changes. Our family is back to six under our roof. My son and I are back to working together on the weekends, and I'm back to trying to find time to write.

But, there are many things that have stayed the same. We still live in our home (which is a year older...), I still am with the same employer, and--at least for my wife and me--we still have the same cars. 

Everyone looks at the big years to do something fancy for their anniversaries, 20 years, 25, 50 plus. Really, it's just a number. So, here's to 24! From where I'm sitting, 24 looks pretty good!

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