Friday, September 16, 2016

Sewing Machines...For Some, They Can't Get Enough Of Them

I have a co-worker who's obsessed with sewing machines.

How is that possible, you might ask? I mean, many of us are obsessed with different things. Some people collect cars or stamps or comic books. Some people spend thousands of dollars on computer equipment or cameras. Truth is, we all seem to find things we gravitate toward, things that bring us joy.

And for my co-worker, it's sewing machines. We've had discussions about sewing machines many times. If find it fascinating to hear about her collections. She has a sewing room at home (like many people do...) and in that room she has several machines--I believe she said she current has seven, and she is considering buying more. To me, that's a lot, but I'm sure to her, it all makes sense.

I thought of her when I walked passed an old foot pedal machine I saw last night. It's a Singer sewing machine located in the costume shop at Lagoon. Personally, I know absolutely nothing about it--how valuable it is, how important, how rare. When I return to work next week I'll show it to her and get her opinion on it. Even if she doesn't necessarily know about this specific machine, I'll bet she knows what sewing jobs it could handle.

Then again, maybe not, but I'm sure she'll love seeing the picture.

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