Thursday, September 29, 2016

Yesterday...I Made A Marshmallow Eagle

Yesterday was one of those crazy days, one of those crazy busy days where I barely had a chance to snap a picture.

But I did take this of a marshmallow eagle.

I can understand if you look at what I made and see something that only slightly resembles an eagle. I admit, it's not the best representation--it's barely a representation. Here's how it came to be.

Last night was our cub scout pack meeting and I was in charge. Being a Cub Master is a church assignment and as church assignments go, it's a good one. The kids are usually well behaved and eager to learn new things. I thought since the election is coming up, I'd talk a little about patriotism and thanks to Pinterest (a cub master's best friend...), I found a fun activity for the little tikes to do.

If you're interested in making one, you need marshmallows, shredded coconut, candy corn (although, the Pinterest page used a cashew nut for the beak--we chose candy corn in case one of the kids had allergies...), and a couple of chocolate chips for the eyes. When done the whole contraptions sits atop an Oreo cookie.

We bought all the supplies the night before and last night I headed out for the meeting. Before I left we found out we needed to dip the marshmallows in white chocolate. It worked better for the coconut. We didn't have any white chocolate so we improvised. We ended up spraying the marshmallows with water and hoped for the best.

Before we started I challenged all the scouts to see if they could make a better marshmallow eagle than mine. They all thought they could. After a few frantic minutes, the kids each produced an eagle of their own. When all the scouts got back to their seats, I reminded them of my challenge and they all said their eagles looked better than mine.

Of course, I asked them to prove it by producing their finished product.

Mine was the only surviving eagle. I guess I won.

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